From a Safe Neighborhood to Fantastic Amenities, Here's What to Look for in a New Home

Buying a new home can be stressful, but real estate searches become a whole lot easier if you know what to look for. While folks up North tend to worry about small things like the size of their foyer, people down South tend to be much more pragmatic in their home search. The truth is, the most important home essentials are ingrained in your surrounding community, and no house is truly a home if you're stuck in a place you don't enjoy.

For those who are thinking about moving to a new community in the Lowcountry, you should know that it's home to some of the friendliest people on the planet. The rich history of the Lowcountry (and Bluffton, SC in particular) has created a strong foundation of morals in this area, and it doesn't hurt that you can find beautiful lake property in such an eclectic region. From safe neighborhoods to endless on-site amenities, you'll soon find that Bluffton is the best-kept secret in America for home buyers.

  • Safe neighborhood
     In the wake of some unfortunate events around the world, it's important to know that you and your family are in a place filled with trustworthy, like-minded people. Bluffton was named one of the top "Small-Town Escapes" in Garden and Gun magazine's June/July 2015 issue, and for good reason. The down-home nature of Bluffton residents makes the entire community seem like one big family, and neighbors look out for one another to uphold this legacy of safety and friendliness.

  • Vibrant community
    A hallmark of any safe neighborhood is a vibrant community, and that's exactly what you'll find in Bluffton. There's just something special about Southern living, and people in the Lowcountry seem to have a lot more fun than any other region. Part of the reason for this vibrant community is Bluffton's ideal location. It's just 30 minutes away from Savannah, GA, the oldest city in Georgia and a top tourist destination. There are 10 unique art galleries on nearby Calhoun St. and tons of other fun things to do that add to its distinct appeal.

  • On-site amenities
    When you feel like staying in for the day and relaxing with neighbors, it's important to live in a place where fun is just around the corner. For example, lake property in May River Preserve includes a community pool, fire pit, cornhole/horseshoes area, and plenty of other incredible perks. While other communities may require you to drive hours just to have fun, a place like May River Preserve packs all of this entertainment into just one neighborhood.

If you're looking to build or buy your dream home, check out a place like May River Preserve and experience everything that a private community in the Lowcountry has to offer.