Here's Why So Many Home Buyers are Looking at Community Focused Neighborhoods for Their Next Move

community focused

Many home buyers are beginning to put much more time and effort into finding the right community to start and grow a family, and for good reason. The intrinsic benefits of moving to a community focused neighborhood are truly endless, providing families with a strong foundation of support to raise their children.

Those who wish to find one of these community focused neighborhoods would be wise to look at lake property. Often in the heart of historic towns, these lake communities are typically characterized by a unique sense of togetherness and a will to band together in times of sadness and uncertainty. Additionally, owning lake property in a community focused neighborhood comes with its own perks, and there's never a dull moment when a glistening lake is just footsteps away.

  • Safe neighborhood
    In the wake of some unfortunate events that have happened around the world this year, it's important to know that your family is in a place where neighbors look out for one another. For example, take the community of Bluffton, SC. Bluffton is a quiet town that boasts a population of just 13,606. The entire community feels as if they're part of something special, which is reflected in the way that neighbors treat each other. You feel as if you're part of the family after just a few days in Bluffton, and that family will do their part to look out for you and your children.

  • Vibrant community
    While safety is certainly part of Bluffton's appeal, consider how amazing it would be to live in a town with like-minded people who give you a smile and a nod when you walk past their house. The Bluffton community is extraordinarily vibrant, and it's partly because of the nearby historic corridor. The rich history in this area has stood the test of time over centuries, and the people of Bluffton are truly one-of-a-kind. National landmarks such as The Heyward House, Campbell Chapel AME Church, and the Church of the Cross can still be seen today in Bluffton's Historic District.

  • Fun at every corner
    The community focused nature of a place like Bluffton also breeds endless fun, and there is never a shortage of exciting things to do. If you're a fan of the arts, Bluffton has 10 unique art galleries on the famous Calhoun St. and nearby in the surrounding area. If your children are obsessed with exotic animals, check out the various wildlife preserves featuring rare species in South Carolina, including eight of the 14 tree frogs found in the U.S. Plus, living right on the water has its own advantages, and families who enjoy taking the boat out will find Bluffton to be paradise.

Find a community focused region to get the most out of your next move. Between the added safety, togetherness, and fun that it offers, you'll find that a home in Bluffton is the best investment you could every make for your family.